The Great Hall, Parliament House

Sir John Crawford contributed at the highest levels to the development of Australia and other countries, and passionately supported international agricultural research for development. The Crawford Fund was established in his name, and since 1985, in his honour, we host the annual  Sir John Crawford Memorial Address.

This year, the Sir John Crawford Memorial Address will be presented by Dr Audrey Aumua, Chief Executive Officer, Fred Hollows Foundation NZ and Member, ACIAR Policy Advisory Council.

Dr Aumua has extensive experience in research, policy development and management in New Zealand and Australia, Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Tonga and Papua New Guinea.  She has worked in regional development and held a variety of regional leadership roles across the Pacific.

Dr Aumua’s address is titled, “Food and Nutrition Security in the Pacific and the Road Ahead for Small Islands and Developing States.”

We are pleased to have the Vote of Thanks being presented by Dr Beth Woods, Member of Australia’s Commission for International Agricultural Research.

Dr Aumua oversees the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ. She took up this role in January 2021 after serving as the Deputy Director General of the Pacific Community SPC based in Suva for 6 years.  The Pacific Community, being the largest regional science and development organisation in the region, is the host of the largest scientific agriculture and livelihoods program in the Pacific including the Centre for Pacific Crops and Trees which is responsible for conserving the regions genetic resources.   

A key focus of Dr Aumua’s work previously had been to shape many of the Pacific regions programmes around food and nutrition security to the impacts of disasters and climate change. Pacific food systems, in particular coastal food systems, has been a key interest. Dr Aumua’s background is in the area of public health and nutrition and policy and non-communicable diseases and she has worked both as an academic and a practitioner.

Dr Aumua has been a member of the ACIAR policy board for three years bringing both policy and sustainable development knowledge in land resources and nutrition to the work of ACIAR.  

The Sir John Crawford Memorial Address is held at our specially styled networking dinner, which attracts attendees from a broad range of sectors – it will be a tremendous networking opportunity.