Addressing the Agriculture, Energy, Water, Climate Change Nexus

12-13 August 2019, Canberra


Angela Manjichi

General Director for Academics and Research
Dept of Agriculture, Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica, Mozambique
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Division of Agriculture, Higher Polytechnic Institute of Manica, Mozambique

The missing link in circular food systems: Innovation Platforms and partnerships in scaling out Sustainable Intensification Practices

One of the assumptions of circular food systems is that the farmers have access, utilize the agricultural technology, and can produce continuously. In Sub-Saharan Africa, adoption rates of agricultural technologies are low, less than 30% of smallholder farmers use any form of improved agricultural technology (e.g., seeds, fertilizers or irrigation.).  A comprehensive research has addressed the determinants of adoption and disadoption. And key intake from the adoption studies is the need for innovation and transformation of the traditional technology transfer approaches. While there is a consensus that we need to shift from agriculture as business as usual, and the focus was on technology development; less has been done on understanding the scaling out and adoption pathways of agricultural technologies. Traditional technology transfer approach has shown deficiencies and call us to rethink and develop innovative approaches to reach farmers, to understand the role of institutions and mechanism to maximize the institutions and the existing arrangements in adoption of agricultural technologies among smallholder farmers Sub-Saharan Africa.