2014 Parliamentary Conference – Speaker: Bo


Feeding The 9 Billion, Well

26-28 August 2014



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Dr Nguyen Van Bo

President, Vietnamese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and member of the ACIAR Policy Advisory Council

Dr Nguyen Van BoDr Nguyen Van Bo is President of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Science, Vietnam (VAAS). He began his career in 1978 as a soil and plant nutrition scientist and subsequently worked in soil fertility, fertilizer efficiency, farming systems, land use policy and environmental monitoring. His current work focuses on food security, biofuels, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Dr Bo worked as Director General of the National Institute for Soils and Fertilizers (1994-1999) and Director General of the Department of Science and Technology and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (1999-2005) before becoming President of VAAS in 2006. Dr Bo holds a PhD in Biology from the Moscow State University, Russia and was awarded the Crawford Fund Medal in 2011 in recognition of his contributions to international agricultural research.