2014 Parliamentary Conference – Speaker: Omot


Feeding The 9 Billion, Well

26-28 August 2014



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Dr Norah Omot

Director, Enabling Environment Program, Papua New Guinea National Agricultural Research Institute

Dr Norah OmotDr Omot is the Director of the Enabling Environment Programme with the Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI).

She is an agricultural economist with research interest in policies, market systems and value chains, social cultural studies and innovation systems.

Dr Omot has been involved in two ACIAR projects through the PNG NARI. One project, ‘Improving the marketing systems for fresh produce in the highlands of PNG’, focused on developing supply-chains for the exportation of produce through improved postharvest management and buyer-seller relationships. The second project targeted constraints to women’s participation in market-systems and aiming to improve their livelihoods by developing their business acumen.

Work on these projects led to Dr Omot being awarded a John Allwright Fellowship, sponsored by ACIAR. Subsequently she received a PhD from the University of Canberra. Her studies identified weaknesses in the process of bringing the vegetables from production to market in PNG.

Dr Omot is now running the NARI program, ‘Enabling environment’, which is identifying the socio-economic barriers to sustainable agricultural development in PNG.

Dr Omot also works closely with the National Office of the PNG Women in Agriculture.