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Below is a list of stories that have featured on our home page. The stories are generally related to Crawford Fund public awareness or general news around food security, our training and our policy work.

The symbols below show the area to which each story relates. Where applicable, the Crawford Fund State Committee involved in the training is also indicated.

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icon-training Training

March 2019
Developing scientific collaboration for a hunger free world at IRRI
Farming on Thin Ice
Building Enterprise in the Pearl Industry for Women in the Pacific
Call for Nominations for the 2019 Crawford Fund Fellowship

February 2019
Pig Nutrition and Management in Smallholder Systems, Lao PDR
icon-newsImproving the Efficiency of Biogas – Power from Poo Research in Nepal
icon-newsA Focus on Myanmar’s National Genebank
icon-newsLocal Food, Food Safety and Food Sovereignty
Understanding the Potential of Local Plants in Supporting Food Security: A Study Case in Salatiga
The Importance of Plant Biosecurity
icon-newsHealthy Diets and Sustainable Food Systems
icon-newsCrawford Fund 2019 Food Security Journalism Award
Plant Pathologist Reports on Visit to Pakse, Laos

January 2019
icon-newsCapacity Building for Intercropping Legumes in Vietnam and Myanmar
icon-newsBuilding Landcare in Uganda
icon-newsHow Smart are “Smart Foods”?
icon-newsWith a Strategy for the Future: Annual Report 2017-18
Fish Passages Master Class in Thailand
icon-newsIs the world food system broken? “Food policy challenges and strategies: Australia, the Indo-Pacific region and beyond”
Global Tan Spot Disease Resistance in Wheat the Focus of QLD Student
Join the Australian Volunteers Program, Volunteer Soils Agronomist in Lao PDR

December 2018
Happy “New-sy Year” to you!
Kick-Starting Rice Research and Production Knowledge
Capacity Building Program in the Lao PDR in Trade, Crop Health, Biosecurity and Food Safety
icon-newsTraining on Advanced Embroyo Flushing in Bhutan
icon-newsExploring New Practices for Cambodia’s Cassava Growers
2018 Conference scholar reflections – the bumper edition
Establishing Sustainable Pest Management for Cambodian Rice Farmers
Enhancing Animal Disease Investigation and Post Mortem Skills through practical workshops in Thailand and Bhutan

November 2018
Opinion: Avoiding a Global Nutrition Catastrophe
Statistics in Research and Teaching in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
icon-newsExploring Farmer Livelihoods and Herd Health in Rural Myanmar
icon-newsMentoring program spreads to Timor Leste
icon-newsInvestigating improved water supply and commercial horticultural production in Timor Leste
icon-newsAnd lucky last, our conference scholar reflections from… Queensland
Getting stuck into rice research and production
Our Conference Scholar Reflections Delivered by … South Australia
Join the Australian Volunteers Program, Volunteer Horticulturalist (Vegetables) in Lao PDR
Time to apply for our 2019 Student Awards!

October 2018
Workshop on Agricultural Research Leadership and Management presented by RAID and the Crawford Fund
icon-newsOpinion: Aligning our food security and environmental goals: The case for greening Asia’s irrigation
Queensland Training & Mentoring Awards open
Our conference scholar reflections delivered by… Victoria
Contributing to production and biosecurity – cattle and buffalo in Cambodia
We Are Pleased To Present Our Conference Scholar Reflections From … Tasmania
Want to make a difference? Like to travel? We have overseas volunteering opportunities available in Laos
icon-newsOur Conference Scholar Reflections from … The Australian Capital Territory
icon-newsAgricultural Innovations for Communities in Timor-Leste

September 2018
Building confidence in writing for agricultural journals workshop
icon-newsOpinion: Key policy levers for healthy and sustainable diets: revisiting agricultural and health economic signals
icon-trainingGaming as a Socioeconomic Research Tool for Lao Agricultural Scientists
icon-trainingGender Equality and Agricultural Development in the South Pacific
icon-trainingStrengthening Impact Pathways through understanding the Adoption Process
icon-newsExploring difference for mutual benefit – mungbeans in Myanmar
icon-newsOur Conference Scholar Reflections Thoughtfully Provided From… New South Wales
icon-newsA Conference Scholar Reflection From… The Northern Territory
icon-newsOur Conference Scholar Reflections Kick-Off With… Western Australia
icon-news2018 International Science Award (years 10-12)

August 2018
icon-newsGender Equality and Agricultural Development in the South Pacific
icon-newsOpinion: Working harder against “truth decay” in science and agriculture
icon-newsThe 2018 Sir John Crawford Memorial Address
icon-news2018 Crawford Fund Annual Conference Keynote Listeners Report
icon-newsClarisa Collis Wins Our 2017 Food Security Journalism Award
icon-newsCrawford Fund Medal 2018

July 2018
icon-newsOpinion: Towards Food Security
icon-newsAnnouncing Our 2018 Annual Conference Scholars
Student report from Timor-Leste
icon-newsAcacia Plantations in Vietnam
Pacific Biosecurity Champions
Drum Roll for AgriEducate Essay Competition Winners
icon-newsStudy tour of sustainable forest management practices in Tasmania for forestry officers from Pacific Island Countries

June 2018
icon-training Call for Expressions of Interest for a Volunteer Diagnostic Plant Pathologist
icon-news Crawford Fund Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Aid Effectiveness
icon-training Applications now open for Agricultural Research Leadership and Management Master Class
icon-training Dr Leigh Vial and the Laos Dry-Seeder Program
icon-news Do you know your bugs? Want to make a difference? Like to travel? We have overseas volunteering opportunities available
icon-news Changing our Strategy for a Changing Environment: The Crawford Fund Strategic Plan 2018-2023

May 2018
icon-news NT Forum all about opportunities and partnerships
icon-training Australian mentors spend a week in Vietnam with Acacia breeders
icon-news Crawford Fund Fellowship awarded to…
icon-news 2018 Conference Scholarships Launched
icon-news Drum roll – announcing our 2018 International Student Award Recipients
icon-training Training in seed collecting and conservation for forest species in Indonesia and PNG

April 2018
icon-news Opinion: The need for agriculture, good research and supporting development in our region
icon-training Novel diagnostic methods for identifying vectors and viruses in farmer’s fields
icon-news Dr Leigh Vial returns to Laos to check on our seeders project
icon-training NT Forum “Developing the Indo-Pacific Region and Developing the North: Opportunities and Partnerships”
icon-training Bhutanese researcher joins Agriculture Victoria to improve dairy cattle production
icon-news All Reflections from the 2017 International Student Award Recipients
icon-news Improving mango quality through post-harvest handling practices in Cambodia
icon-news Support a Crawford Fund Scholar 2018
icon-training New plant breeding methods for sustainable use of genetic resources and security of food production

March 2018
icon-news Opinion: Moving towards a circular economy in Asia: Connecting the city with the farm
icon-news Crawford Fund Fellowship awarded to…
The Crawford Fund: an example of Mentoring in International Agricultural Research
Bhutanese researcher joins Agriculture Victoria Ellinbank on scholarship
Strengthening food and nutrition security through family poultry and crop integration in Tanzania
Reducing Beef Calf Loss in South-East Asia
Increasing Beef Production in North-Western Vietnam
Investigating Vietnam’s undersupply of beef-products
Master Tree Grower training held in Luwero, Uganda
Building Awareness and Skills for Smarter Agriculture: Annual Report 2016-17

February 2018
QLD Forum & Networking Reception a Success
Mentoring Program Spreads to Vietnam
Crawford Fund Visit to the Global Seed Vault in Norway for 10th Anniversary
Opinion: Benefits to Australia from involvement in agricultural research for development, using WA as an example
NT student awardee attends international small-scale fisheries symposium in Malaysia
Female Farmers in Myanmar Complete Pesticide Safety Training
Saving the sweet potato: Could little fire ants be the solution?
Biological control workshop in Indonesia highlights urgent need for collaboration
icon-news Crawford Fund 2018 Food Security Journalism Award
icon-training Master Class builds Indonesian Biosecurity
icon-news Livestock research in Vanuatu gives better insights into cross-cultural issues
icon-news The health benefits of rice research
icon-training Academic Writing in the Mountains of West Timor

January 2018
icon-news QLD Forum “Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security – Involving the Next Generation”

December 2017
icon-news Cross-cultural experience and research in North-West Cambodia
icon-news Agribusiness and Food Security Development in Timor-Leste
icon-news Understanding media coverage of fish for Pacific Island food security
icon-trainingTwo workshops in Lao PDR herald milestone in capacity building program
Horticulture Researchers in Southern Philippines Complete Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design Training
icon-news The 2018 Crawford Fund Student Awards
icon-news 2017 Crawford Fund Annual Conference Proceedings Released

November 2017
icon-news November Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news Opinion: Nutrition-sensitive agriculture: adding value and adding health
icon-news Common sense needs to drive plant breeding
icon-news Crawford Fund at TropAg
icon-news Genetic and agronomic zinc biofortification of sweetcorn
icon-news Preharvest and postharvest handling practices of flowers in Myanmar
icon-news Women’s Bargaining Power in agricultural value chains
icon-news More Mentoring Planned
icon-news Micropropagation is the future of clonal propagation of avocado
icon-news Improving coconut cloning technology
icon-news Sea cucumber research advancing hatchery production using neurohormones to stimulate spawning
 Prospects of utilizing wild germplasm for future improvement of macadamia

October 2017
icon-news October Highlights E-Newsletter
World Food Security: Impacts, Opportunities and Partnerships
icon-training Building research management and leadership capacity
icon-news World Food Security: Impacts, Opportunities and Partnerships
icon-news WA 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news VIC 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news Pacific Week of Agriculture focus of journalist visit
icon-news TAS 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news Conference scholars reflect on the 2017 experience
icon-news Why Tissue Culture Matters – a volunteer’s experience
icon-news QLD 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news September Highlights E-Newsletter

September 2017
icon-news Agricultural Sustainability – an ever ‘Moving Target’
icon-news RAID and the Crawford Fund at the Agronomy Conference, Ballarat
icon-news SA 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
Rice research & production methods plays its part in fostering regional sustainability
icon-training Advancing GOALs for Genebanks in Asia Pacific
First-hand Fishery Experience for Western Australian PhD Researcher
icon-news NT 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news ACT 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news NSW 2017 Conference Scholar Reflections
icon-news Join us at the RAID Agronomy Conference Networking Event, Ballarat

August 2017
icon-news Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news Keynote listeners report highlights from the 2017 Crawford Fund Annual Conference
icon-news Opinion: Why no public debate on aid policy?
icon-training Lessons from conference scholars
icon-news A New Narrative for Ending Hunger: Lindiwe Sibanda Presents 2017 Sir John Crawford Memorial Address
icon-news ABC Reporter, Brett Worthington Wins Our 2017 Food Security Journalism Award

July 2017
icon-news Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news Opinion: Political will, policy change and scientific evidence: whither international agricultural R&D?
icon-news ABC TV’s Landline Highlights Impact of Crawford Fund’s Nepal Agriculture Projects
icon-news Australian Students Take Their Studies Global Thanks to Crawford Fund State Committees
icon-news Drum Roll: 2017 Annual Conference Scholars
icon-training Soil fertility training in Uganda and for the first time, in Ethiopia, marked as a success
icon-news Thank you to Denis Blight
icon-news Behind the Scenes of a UNFAO Internship

June 2017
icon-news Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news Introducing our New Director of Training and Master Classes, Professor Shaun Coffey
icon-news We need a comms assistant
icon-news Invitation to the 2017 Annual Conference
Laos Seeders Delivered
icon-news The Crawford Fund Annual Report and Review
icon-news The Crawford Fund appoints new CEO

May 2017
icon-news Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news The Crawford Fund 2017 Annual Conference
icon-news 2017 Conference Scholarships Launched
icon-news Svalbard is Safe
icon-news Get in quick for scholarship to IRRI
icon-training Fisheries in-country workshop [TAS]
icon-training Enhanced productivity analysis [WA]
icon-training Cereals and Saline Soils [WA]
icon-news Doing Well by Doing Good [Tas]

April 2017
icon-training Marketing for Smallholders [WA]
icon-training VALUE-AG Training [SA]
icon-news Highlights E-Newsletter
icon-news Lao Seeder Success!
icon-news Feeding 9 Billion: A Podcast
icon-training Irrigation Training in SA [SA]
icon-training Human Security—SE Asia [ACT]
icon-news Livestock & Food Security
icon-news 2016 Conference Papers
icon-training GOAL Master Class—India
icon-news ‘Smart Food’ Lecture

March 2017
icon-news 2017 Journalism Award
icon-training From Paddock to Fork [Vic]
icon-news March Highlights
icon-news Dairy Farming Manual
icon-news International Treaty Visit
icon-news NSW Biosecurity Event [NSW]
icon-news Lao Seeders Rolled Out
icon-news Welcome to the Board!
icon-news 65th Anniversary Award
icon-training Landcare in Zambia [Vic]
icon-news Welcome New Patron
icon-news 2017 Rice Conference
icon-news Africa & Plant Biosecurity
icon-news DFAT White Paper

February 2017
icon-news Food Security & Peace
icon-news Latest Highlights
icon-news Qld Forum a Success! [Qld]
icon-news Announcing New Chair
icon-training Agricultural Soils Training [SA]
icon-training Pest Management: Tanzania [WA]
icon-news Qld Awards Launch [Qld]
icon-news Doing Well by Doing Good [Qld]
icon-news Women & Girls in Science

January 2017
icon-news What Young People Say
icon-news Highlights Newsletter
icon-training Master Tree Growers [Vic]
icon-news Predictions in Ag Research
icon-news SA Student Award Launch [SA]
icon-training Train the Trainer: Rice [NSW]
icon-news Tas Student Award Launch [Tas]
icon-training Biosecurity in Laos [Vic]
icon-news Recruitment for CEO

December 2016
icon-training Qld Awardee Report [Qld]
icon-news NSW Student Award Launch [NSW]
icon-news What Young People Say [Vic]
icon-news Vic Scholar Reflections [Vic]
icon-news WSU Interviews & Ideas [NSW]
icon-training Rabies Control in Bhutan [Vic]
icon-news End of Year Highlights
icon-news What Young People Say [Tas]
icon-news Tas Scholar Reflections [Tas]
icon-news Doing Well by Doing Good
icon-news What Young People Say [SA]
icon-news SA Scholar Reflections [SA]
icon-training Leadership & Management
icon-news Plant Health in Laos
icon-news What Young People Say [WA]
icon-news WA Scholar Reflections [WA]
icon-news AVID Entomologist [Vic & NSW]
icon-news Qld Scholar Reflections [Qld]
icon-news What Young People Say [Qld]
icon-news Celebrating Volunteers

November 2016
icon-news Focus on Nutrition Security
icon-news Crawford Highlights
icon-training The Myeik Archipelago [Tas]
icon-news WA Student Award Launch [WA]
icon-news NT Scholar Reflection [NT]
icon-training Plant Pathology in Lao PDR [Qld]
icon-news What Young People Say [ACT]
icon-news Making the Most of It
icon-news Crop Wild Relatives News
icon-news RAID in Wagga Wagga [NSW]
icon-news ACT Scholar Reflections [ACT]
icon-training Leadership MC in Penang
icon-training Food Composition Training [NSW]
icon-news WA Sundowner Event [WA]

October 2016
icon-news What Young People Say [NSW]
icon-news NSW Scholar Reflections [NSW]
icon-training CF Training Award Visit [NSW]
icon-news October Highlights
icon-news Crop Wild Relatives Event
icon-training Values & PNG Logging Code [Tas]
icon-news A Week on World Food
icon-training Innovative Veneer [Qld]
icon-news Soil Maps & Food Security

September 2016
icon-news 2016 Conference Success!
icon-training Cattle Husbandry in Laos [NSW]
icon-news Commonwealth Voices
icon-news Big Shifts in R&D
icon-news Derek Tribe Visit
icon-news Take-Home Messages
icon-news Lao Seeder Update

August 2016
icon-news Crawford Fund Patrons
icon-news 2016 Journalism Award
icon-news RAID-CF Partnership
icon-news 2015 Conference Proceedings
icon-news Mechanisation in Laos
icon-training Soil Borne Pathogens [SA & Vic]
icon-news Fighting Hidden Hunger
icon-news IFPRI & Nestlé Keynotes
icon-news More Conference Scholars
icon-news Food Waste Conference—Register Now!
icon-news Biofortification Panel

July 2016
icon-training Whitefly Identification [WA]
icon-training Filipino Researchers Visit [Qld]
icon-news July Highlights
icon-news 2016 Conference Scholars

June 2016
icon-news Crawford Address & 60Mins
icon-training Research Leadership MC
icon-news 2016 Memorial Address
icon-news 2016 Conference Invitation
icon-news 2016 Conference Launch
icon-training Jackfruit R&D Training [Qld]
icon-training PNG Women in Agriculture [SA]

May 2016
icon-news Seeders for Lao Farmers
icon-news An Agricultural Path
icon-news May Highlights
icon-training Crawford Fund Fellowship
icon-training Weedy Rice Control [WA]
icon-news Qld’s Winning Scholars [Qld]
icon-news Africa Biosecurity Network
icon-training CF Soils Master Class [NSW]
icon-training Managing Water in India [SA]

April 2016
icon-news Journalism Award Visit
icon-news April Highlights
icon-training Nematodes in Laos [ACT]
icon-news Experience in Ethiopia [WA]
icon-training Marketing Coffee [WA]
icon-news Partnership Wins
icon-news 2015 Derek Tribe Award
icon-training Train-the-Trainer Video [NSW]
icon-news Scholar Travel Report
icon-news Improved Wheat
icon-news Past Crawford Scholar Blog

March 2016
icon-training Training Visit Award [NSW]
icon-training Durian in Cambodia [NSW]
icon-news March Highlights
icon-news 2016 Conference Scholarships
icon-news Beetles & Training in Laos
icon-news Young Crawford Updates
icon-news International Women’s Day
icon-news Vale Ian MacKinnon AM
icon-training Student Ambassadors [ACT]
icon-news Our Annual 2016 Conference
icon-news ACIAR John Dillon Fellows [Tas & NT]
icon-news Lester Updates from Laos
icon-news Conference to Solomons [NSW]

February 2016
icon-news Agribusiness in Asia
icon-training Fertile Soil in Uganda [WA]
icon-news Young Scientist Support [Qld]
icon-news More News on Watermelons
icon-news Pulse Smart
icon-news February Highlights
icon-training Managing Rodents [Qld]
icon-news Journalism Award Launch
icon-news More Blogging from Laos
icon-news WA Training and Ag. Awards [WA]
icon-news Harriet & Jill Blog in Laos [NSW]
icon-news Economists & Food Security
icon-news Australia Day Honours
icon-news Student Blog from Laos [NSW]

January 2016
icon-news In Memory of Don Mentz
icon-training Rice Pathogen Diagnostics [Vic]
icon-training Green Furniture Design [Vic]
icon-news Instagram for Awareness
icon-news January Highlights

December 2015
icon-training Livelihoods & Resources [NT]
icon-news December Highlights
icon-news Time for Renewal
icon-training Digital Soil Mapping [NSW]
icon-training Landcare Training in Fiji [Vic]
icon-training Marketing for Smallholders [WA]
icon-news Climate-Smart Agriculture
icon-training Social Research & Farming [NSW]

November 2015
icon-news Ag. Development & Women
icon-news Tribute to Meryl Williams
icon-training Water Reuse for Agriculture [SA]
icon-news November Highlights
icon-training Training in Mango Research [NT]
icon-training Crop Genetic Resources [Qld]
icon-news International Opportunity [Qld]
icon-news Crawford & 40 yrs of IFPRI

October 2015
icon-news Australia-Africa Biosecurity
icon-training Training in Cocoveneer [Tas]
icon-news Global Hunger Index
icon-training Catchment Management MC
icon-news October Highlights
icon-news All Things Wheat
icon-news Soil for Food Security [Qld]
icon-news WA Sundowner Event [WA]

September 2015
icon-news 2015 Conference Scholars
icon-news Crawford Fund Presentation [WA]
icon-training Applied Fisheries Master Class [WA & Tas]
icon-news September Highlights
icon-news Window for Food Security
icon-news WA Networking Event Report [WA]
icon-training Feed Mill Business Planning [SA]

August 2015
icon-news ‘Business of Food Security’ Summary
icon-news HE Gerda Verburg Opinion Piece
icon-training African Plant Biosecurity
icon-news August Highlights
icon-news 2015 Crawford Fund Medal
icon-news Ms Sarina Locke—Our 2015 Journalism Awardee

July 2015
icon-news “Seeds of Time” Movie Event
icon-news 2015 Conference Scholars
icon-news Support Young People
icon-news WA Networking Event [WA]
icon-training Sweetpotato Virus Workshop [Qld]
icon-training Dairy Farming in West Java [Vic]
icon-news Focussing our Training
icon-news Welcome Melina

June 2015
icon-training Farmer Training in Indonesia [SA]
icon-news 2015 Crawford Fund Fellowship
icon-news Biosecurity Opportunity
icon-news “Having a Go” Video
icon-training Pest Prevention in South East Asian Flour Mills [WA]
icon-training Mining Regions in Focus [WA]
icon-training Training for Goat Growth [NSW]
icon-training Perplexing Citrus Pathogens [Vic]

May 2015
icon-news Sharing Fifteen Years Experience
icon-policy The Business of Food Security in lower Mekong
icon-training Pest Threats and Invasions [NSW & WA]
icon-training Capacity-building for the future in Tasmania [Tas]
icon-training Networking with Nepalese [Tas]
icon-news Celebrating Dick Austen’s Contribution [NSW]
icon-training Training and collaboration leads to publication [NSW]
icon-training Queensland Award Recipients Announced [Qld]
icon-training Training Myanmar’s Future Trainers [NSW]
icon-policy Future of food growing
icon-training Scholarships for Wheat Breeding Technology Workshop
icon-training Grazing legumes from indigenous flora [WA]

April 2015
icon-training Tropical Dairy Translation [Vic]
icon-training Communications Master Class in India
icon-training Introduction to the Red List [Tas]
icon-news Videos show researchers “Having a go” [Qld]
icon-training Communication knowledge spreads in PNG
icon-training Having a go at international agricultural research [Qld]

March 2015
icon-policy IFPRI – Advances and Setbacks in Global Food Security
icon-training African Communication
icon-news Vale Dr Lloyd Evans
icon-training Tree Seed Training [ACT]
icon-news Cow talk [Vic]
icon-training Plant Breeders Without Borders [Vic]
icon-policy Climate Smart Agriculture
icon-policy From Famine to Feast in 40 Years

February 2015
icon-training Nutrition security in Timor-Leste through poultry [NSW]
icon-training 2015 Journalism Award launched
icon-training Young Scholar’s Perspective on Aid Conference [ACT]
icon-training International Training Award Program [Qld]
icon-training Young Qld Ag Scientists Take Note! [Qld]
icon-training Fish disease investigation goes digital [WA]
icon-news Advancing the march towards a food secure Africa: The role of biosciences and the BecA-ILRI Hub
icon-news NSW Committee tours Laos [NSW]
icon-news Young Ag Scientists Networking in WA (event report) [WA]
icon-training Africa Communication Master Class Open

January 2015
icon-training Improving PNG Soils & Forests [TAS]
icon-news Young Scientists Share Experiences in WA (event announcement) [WA]
icon-news Our former chair to head Murray-Darling Basin Authority
icon-news More Congratulations – Tony Fischer
icon-policy What happens when we remain silent?
icon-training Great feedback on Pacific Master Class

December 2014
icon-trainingTraining to publish results in English [SA]
icon-news Crawford Fund Fellowship recipient, Dinar Hartawan, concludes visit
icon-news UWS student interviews at Crawford Fund conference on YouTube

November 2014
icon-news Forum with SA expertise [SA]
icon-news Protecting Africa’s bees for food security and health
icon-training Safe and effective herbicide use in Bangladesh [WA]
icon-policy Demand led plant variety design
icon-training Finite Phosphorous [SA]
icon-policy African biosecurity ‘change champions’ on the way

October 2014
icon-news Collaboration Leads to Publication [ACT]
icon-training Train the trainer in biodiversity in PNG [Tas]
icon-training Philippines Landcare – a training ground [Vic]
icon-training Bringing home the bacon [NSW]
icon-training Short or long hoes? [WA]
icon-policy African biosecurity ‘change champions’ on the way
icon-policy Biosecurity for aid and trade
icon-training Mentoring on soils in Timor L’este [Qld]
icon-news World Food Prize for a Breeder Without Borders
icon-policy Profiting from the private sector – so seeds meet needs
icon-news Congrats to UQ Alumni

September 2014
icon-training Landcare’s 25th anniversary in Australia
icon-policy Making more with less – how do we feed the world as the population soars?
icon-training Learning about opportunities to work in, with and for developing countries [NSW]

August 2014
icon-news Crawford Fund Medal: Robyn Alders 2014
icon-news Journalism Award Winner 2014
icon-news Legend in Soil Science
icon-news The Hon John Kerin AM appointed ICRISAT International Ambassador of Goodwill
icon-news All things fruit, vege, nuts, berries and flowers
icon-news Tony Gregson appointed to ACIAR Commission
icon-training 2014 Crawford Fund Fellowship: Dinar Hartawan
icon-policy Harvest Radio: Doing Well and Doing Good

July 2014
icon-policy Biosecurity: International Dimensions, Threats and Strategies [Vic]
icon-news Introducing Colin Chartres
icon-training Results from Rice Training [NSW]
icon-training Ensuring science-based biosafety regulation
icon-training Communicating and networking takes off

June 2014
icon-news Informing G20 on the World’s Food Needs

May 2014
icon-training Australian and African farmers tackle food security [Qld]
icon-news Long-term friendships through ag research
icon-training Free flowing fish for food security [NSW]
icon-news Increasing crop yields should be the focus for achieving global food security
icon-training Ecosystem characterisation of the Bay of Bengal

April 2014
icon-training Enhancing rural livelihoods in Africa [WA]
icon-news Norman Borlaug celebrations well covered
icon-news Getting turned on to international agricultural research

March 2014
icon-news Aussie wild relatives in the mix at Svalbard
icon-news Facing the global food crisis using trade and aid for a food secure world
icon-training Pig nutrition in Laos [NSW]
icon-training Power to the farmers [Vic & SA]

February 2014
icon-training Sustainable aquaculture [Qld]
icon-news QLD seminar: ‘Engaging Young Scientists’
icon-training Early detection of plant pathogens [Qld]
icon-training Strengthening biosecurity in Timor Leste and the region [NT/WA]
icon-training Landcare popular in Popua, Tonga [Vic]
icon-news Making the public aware – welcome to Wendy

January 2014
icon-news Buckets of gratitude for Sallyanne Atkinson
icon-training Decision-making for mangosteens [WA]

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